Brain Awareness Week 2005

"The Brain's The Thing"

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Brain Awareness Week is a international effort put together by Dana Alliance for Brain Initiatives and The Society for Neuroscience to promote public awareness about the benefits and progress of brain research.

Special thanks to the following sponsors: The Omniplex, Society for Neuroscience, OU Health Sciences Center, The Dana Alliance for Brain Initiatives, Oklahoma Center for Neuroscience, The Deptartments of Zoology , Physiology and Cell Biology, as well as Jelly Belly.

Brain Awareness Week at The University of Oklahoma is March 24-26, 2005.

The Oklahoma Brain Awareness Week exhibit is scheduled for March 24- 26, 2005 at the Omniplex Museum. Exhibits will include a hands on display of real human brains, microscope displays of neural cells, as well as select games and tests that show how the nervous system works. We also provided a number of educational stations to address issues ranging from brain trauma to the effects of drug abuse on brain function. Each school is encouraged to arrange through the Omniplex for a class trips to view this exhibit. You can find more information at their site and directions to the Omniplex here.

The Oklahoma Chapter of The Society for Neuroscience will be going into middle schools to encourage and promote learning about the brain though the help of Brain Awareness Week. The middle school students will have the chance to build a science fair project that will hopefully spark their interests. Each middle school will have the opportunity to send three student science fair projects for exhibition during Brain Awareness Week at the Omniplex. The project should be a demonstration that is informative and geared towards understanding any aspect of the nervous system. The student projects should be selected from a preliminary Middle Schools Science Fair that follows the rules and guidelines outlined. Our goal is to encourage active learning about neuroscience and help students to develop the abilitiy to communicate science-related information.

Local organizers of this event include undergraduate/graduate students from The University of Oklahoma Norman campus and The Health Science Center. For any questions or further information, please feel free to contact one of the Science Fair organizers:

Dr. Regina M.Sullivan

Undergraduate Student Coordinators

Amyie Vuong        

Lauren Lunday

Kenneth Pope


If you are interested in participating in the Science Fair, please complete and submit a registration form by March 1, 2005 Registration forms may be submitted via email or by mail. We are looking forward to your students' participation.


Science Fair Rules

     The project must be presented on a three paneled tri-fold science fair board (available at Hobby Lobby, Michaels and other craft stores). The area on the table directly beneath the students' board will be available for a projects model(s) to be displayed on. The space will be limited to the depth of the side panels when folded open, the student must keep this in mind when creating a model for the project. Any models that violate the space constraints will not be included in the presentation of the project or judged in the overall project score. Any projects not submitted by 5pm deadline on March 24th will not be included in the Science Fair.


Judging Criteria

1. Creativity (25 pts.)

2. Scientific Thought (40 pts.)

3. Skill and Thoroughness (10pts.)

4. Clarity (25 pts.)

5. Oral Presentation (25 pts.)

Total 125 pts. Max.

 A Letter to Teachers from Dr.Sullivan

Sign up to Volunteer At Brain Awareness Week by e-mailing Amyie Vuong at

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An example of a Student Science Fair Project for Brain Awareness Week


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